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    Reasonable cost of the whole range of equipment

    SHAKTIMAN Post Hole Digger (PHD) is tractor operated equipment to dig pits in agriculture or any other land with less time and effort.

  • Pit can be made in less than 2 min.
  • Up to depth of 36 inch, with well defined circumference and neater pit.
  • Removed soil will be placed around the pit which becomes easy to fill the pit back after plantation or erection work done.
  • Features

  • Heavy duty shielded PTO drive shaft with slip clutch to safe guard equipment from sudden impact of roots and rocks
  • Replaceable blades:- > Earth tooth for normal to medium soil > Tungsten tooth for medium to hard soil
  • Replacing augers is simple by loosening 6 bolts
  • Replaceable Auger centre drill:- > Earth drill for normal to medium soil > Tungsten drill for medium to hard soil
  • Choice of different size augurs (6″, 9″, 12″, 18″, 24″) with 6mm thick plate wear resistance plate
  • Optional hydraulic kit for speedy digging
  • Robust & highly efficient gear box
  • Machine is designed with simple structure for easy and quick attachment to tractor and transportation