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SHAKTIMAN Square Fertilizer broadcaster is a machine with square shape Hooper, Spreading disc system with four blades, ideal for granular or crystalline fertilizer. Its unique distributing system ensures uniform spreading of fertilizer over greater distance.


  • The opening system allows the operator to choose to spread the fertilizer only where it is required.
  • Faster operation saves times and power consumption.
  • Uniform spreading
  • It is enriches the soil by spreading over the plants like wheat, oat, sorghum etc.
  • MODEL SFB400
    Hopper Capacity (ltr.) 400
    No. of the Spreading Disc 1
    Total Width (W)(mm) 1200
    Total Length (L)(mm) +1014
    Total Height (H)(mm) 1193
    Working Width (mtr.) 14
    Category 2
    Agitator System Vertical
    Type of Gearbox Ratio 1: 1
    PTO (rpm) 540
    Required Power (HP/kw) 40-50 / 30-34
    Total Weight (kg/lbs) 120/265

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